Asia-Wide Campaign against U.S.-Japanese domination and aggression of Asia

Asia-Wide Campaign against U.S.-Japanese domination and aggression of Asia






AWC-Japan held the Iwakuni Action 2013

On November 30-December 1, 2013 AWC-Japan held the annual anti-base action in Iwakuni.

The Iwakuni base is one of main targets for the comprehensive realignment project of the US forces in Japan. Despite of the clear opposition of majority... people in Iwakuni that had been showed in the referendum on March 2006, the US and Japanese government have still promoted the massive consolidation of the US base there.

During the 2 days, we held many kind of actions including the international rally, the anti-base worker's rally, the film showing regarding the referendum in Iwakuni on 2006 and the joining of regular portest held by residents who live in the planned construction site of the US military housing complex, etc. As the conclusion of a seriesof actions, we held the march toward the US Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni.

Workers and people from different cities and towns in Okinawa and 'mainland' of Japan gathered at Iwakuni-city in order to show their solidarity with the suffered but struggling people in Iwakuni. Representative of MIGRANTE-Japan/BAYAN-Japan, an anti-base activist in Gunsan, South Korea, and a youth organizer of the ANSWER coalition in the United States also join the action there.

China-Taiwan Labor Rights Association sent the visual message to people in Iwakuni and members of AWC-Japan on this occasion. We also received the solidarity message from the Ban the Base Now!, a global network against the US military presence, and the Asia Pacific Network against US Military Bases.

No to the US bases in Iwakuni and elsewhere! No to consolidating US-Japan military alliance! Resist the US pivot to Asia-Pacific! The US troops, out of Asia-Pacific! Fight for genuine social change!


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